Work at Home Freelance Web Designer Job Search Tips

Work-at-home freelance web design jobs are, if anything, too easy to find online. There are thousands of them, often “bid jobs” in which you compete with other web designers for contracts. This job hunting environment takes some getting used to, so we’ve come up with some pointers for web designers.

Finding Work-at-Home Freelance Web Design Jobs Online

The online search for work-at-home freelance web design jobs needs to be managed. You need to find

  • good specialist websites
  • sites with good search engines
  • employer sites
  • contract bidding sites

The problem with work-at-home jobs generally is that only so many real work at home jobs are available on the big job boards. Fortunately, at least one major league Internet company has got the message about work-at-home sites: is a good starting point for your search. This site has some valuable pointers about work-at-home freelance web design jobs, job ads and a lot of useful general information about the work-at-home environment. 

General Internet searching needs to be done systematically. Searching “freelance web design jobs” will get a lot of responses, but you need to be extremely selective about which sites you use. “Telecommuting web design jobs” or “remote web design jobs” are better. “Telecommuting” is particularly useful because it also finds the sites with telecommuting jobs as normal searches.

The “bid” sites are easy to find. There are a few of these, but you also need to consider a few issues when using them:

  • Types of work available: Some work will be very easy to do but not particularly useful in terms of building a professional portfolio and getting your career moving in the right direction. Good quality jobs are definitely the best way to go. 
  • Bid values: What’s worth doing is a major consideration on any bid site. Low bid values mean a lot of competition and minimal return on effort. You can do better than this, as we’ll explain below.
  • Contract terms: Most contracts are pretty simple, but they can be irritants. Escrow, for example, is a feature of some sites, and “guaranteed” payments is another. You need to check out any issues with these payments and see if anyone has been having problems with the site before signing up for anything.

Other Types of Work-at-Home Freelance Web Design Job Searches

There are a few good options for the freelance web designer:

Employer sites: A bit of searching will find you a range of job possibilities, including those with

  • advertising agencies
  • media content agencies
  • marketing agencies
  • online content providers
  • mass media outlets

Each of these types of employer, and these include some of the biggest media companies in the world, can provide excellent jobs. Many, like advertising agencies, outsource to freelancers to take up overflow of work or to cut costs. These jobs can provide excellent portfolio materials and references.

Networking: Another approach to employers is through a network. If you’ve worked in any of the media industries, your contacts can provide you with information regarding jobs, types of work and, in some cases, introductions.