Work at Home Freelance Writer: Job Search Tips

If you are looking for work at home freelance job search tips as a new or seasoned writer, you are probably trying to increase the amount of writing projects you have. For the average freelance writer, there can be a great deal of reward in writing, but a continual search for new and exciting writing opportunities is necessary. Here are some ways in which you can find more freelance writing jobs.

Create an Impressive Online Portfolio

Putting together an impressive online portfolio of your writing is generally the best step towards landing new writing assignments. You can do this by writing several articles, reviews or stories based on areas of interest you feel you are an expert in, then publishing them online. You can easily build up a nice portfolio in just a matter of a few weeks by focusing on writing at least one piece per day and then adding it to your personal website, blogs or another content website.

Advertise and Market Your Writing Business

As a home-based freelance writer, your website is basically your virtual storefront where clients will stop by to review your work and learn more about you. Take the time to develop a simple website and social media profiles where you can include information about yourself so that others can see what you do and can get in touch with you about new writing opportunities. Be sure to create some low cost marketing materials, such as business cards and hand them out to others at small business and social networking events.

Network with Others in Freelance Communities

A great way to learn of new work at home freelance writing opportunities is by spending time with other writers and freelance creative professionals on the Internet. Get to know where potential clients hang out and become part of these social networks. Write interesting posts on relevant freelance communities and share a link to your website and blog so others can find you easily when work is available.  

Search Freelance and Work from Home Job Boards

It’s only natural that there are plenty of freelance and work at home job boards available online. Freelance and telecommute work is becoming much more popular thanks to advances in technology, so you can generally find many opportunities to work from home as a writer on these job boards. Frequent job boards that feature legitimate companies and offer links to actual job postings. Beware of any ads that sound too good to be true or ask for any money upfront, since these are likely to be scams.

Ask Current Clients for Referrals and Testimonials

Once you land a few freelance writing gigs, its time to ask your new clients to make referrals to their colleagues. Since good freelance writers are hard to find, you will be in demand with your clients and anyone they happen to know who values your skills as a writer. Give clients incentives to refer others to you, such as discounts on future work. If you have clients that are very happy with the writing you do, it’s also advisable to get short written testimonials which you can display on your writing website and blogs to encourage more people to hire you for the job.