Work at Home Medical Billing Job Search Tips

One of the top-pick jobs in healthcare and allied industries is that of work at home medical billing as well as medical coding. These challenging job options offer great compensations as well as freedom to work from home. Sometimes it is not so easy to find legitimate at home medical billing jobs. Following is a list of work at home medical billing job search tips.

Search Tips: 

After finishing the training and getting the necessary certifications, you need to set up the necessary tools and equipment before setting out to find at home medical billing jobs. You will need a computer with internet access and billing/coding software. 

Tip 1 - Advertise Your Skills

Advertise in job sites like about your availability to work as a part or full-time at home medical billing specialist.

Tip 2 - Try to Tap the Local Market.

Check with local yellow pages and find out healthcare providers and other doctors who may need a medical biller to outsource their work.

Tip 3 - Search for Local Hospitals and Doctors

Approach local hospitals and doctors in your area and ask for work. You can ask for part-time or full-time on a contract basis. Visit personally, talk to the human resources director over the phone about the possibility of working for them as a medical billing specialist working from home.

Tip 4 - Specialized Websites

Sites like WAHM help in finding legitimate work at home jobs in medical billing and how to get those jobs. There are also other job sites like ‘’ where medical billing jobs will be advertised and where you can bid for the jobs. Some of the sites ask for a membership fee and some may not. But this is a good way of finding regular work. A telecommuting at home medical billing job can be done from anywhere and with the internet, there will be no time or geographic restrictions. You can check sites like Craiglist for these jobs.

Tip 5 - Medical Transcription Companies

Check out with some of the reputed medical transcription companies. They may have a medical billing and coding section catering to the hospitals for which they are contracted to do the medical transcription services. They may be outsourcing the work to home-based medical billing and coding professionals and so may have a vacancy to be filled.

Tip 6 - Working for Franchise

You can work as a franchisee medical biller working at home. You can check USA for Health Claims and American Billing Systems, Inc. for more information. They are reputable companies. With your home office you can become an independent biller or work under their supervision.

Tip 7 - Look for Job Openings Daily

With persistent job searching, you will find a legitimate work at home medical billing job. Since many medical practitioners are looking for ways to cut costs, they will be keen to employ a contracted work at home medical biller because they won't have to cover insurance and tax costs.

Warning: Legitimate employers will not ask for any fees to fill up work at home medical billing jobs. Any such offers are more than likely fraudulent.