Work at Home Telemarketing Job Search Tips

Work at home telemarketing job options are now a popular way to work in sales and customer service industry. Companies, whether they sell products or services, depend on telemarketing partly for taking these to public. With various options from phone banks to virtual salesmen, telemarketing has good opportunities. Here are a few search tips for work at home telemarketing jobs.

1. Know Your Skills

Learn what your special skills are so that you can be a successful telemarketer.

  • If you have a friendly-sounding voice over the phone, it is a great advantage.
  • If you have an ability to do supervisory kind of job you should add it to your special skill sets.

2. Know where Jobs are Available

  • Buy both the local area newspaper and the city newspaper. Check the wanted advertisements in both the papers.
  • Check under the ‘Telemarketing’ and ‘Sales’ and then check under the sub-heading ‘Work at Home’ sections of the ads. The work at home telemarketing jobs will be found in these columns.
  • Search online for these jobs. Most of the job search sites, like and, have tools catering to all kinds of job searches.
  • Type your city name, state and type telemarketing jobs. In what opens up, there may be some jobs specially asking for work at home telemarketers. Using proper keywords will help getting more job openings.
  • Company websites: Legitimate jobs with reputable companies are posted on their website. These also should be checked.
  • Job boards and forums are also good places to search. There are on-line sites like WAHM where you will find useful tips for job search and other related topics.

3. Other Areas to Search for Jobs

  • Go to the local departmental stores or small business centers.
  • There may be flyers about ‘help wanted’ either near the entrance/exit gates or at the bulletin boards.
  • Check for work at home telemarketing jobs - appointment setting jobs or calling from home jobs.
  • Reach the contact number found in the flyer and make inquiries about your job requirement. They may be able to guide you to telemarketing jobs in your area.
  • Contact those places for jobs while mentioning from where you got the information.

4. Use Your Network:

  • Utilizing your local network can be very helpful in finding legitimate at home telemarketing jobs in the local area.
  • With the help of such network, you can know vacancies as soon as they arise even before an ad is placed.
  • You will know more about the company, the job and other pertinent details from the network.

5. Gather More Knowledge about Jobs:

To gain more details about telemarketing jobs, join a telemarketing group like Yahoo! to learn more about the jobs and get an insight into telemarketing business and connect you to other virtual telemarketing agents/companies.

All the above search tips will be of great help to find work at home telemarketing jobs. To avoid any scams associated with work at home telemarketing jobs, you must be aware of all the essential requirements and search those jobs which are truly legitimate since the internet is often used as a platform for fraud and scams under such jobs.