Work at Home Transcription Job Search Tips

A work at home transcription job search is sometimes quite difficult. There are many different kinds of work at home transcription jobs, and they’re all quite different. Finding the right job isn’t always easy, and knowing where to look can take some learning, too.

Finding Work at Home Transcription Jobs Online

The best approach to this type of online job search is to use unique search terms. The description “work at home transcription jobs” can get some messy results on job boards, unless you get a 100 percent match, which isn’t common. Although some sites do have specific work at home job categories, they’re not usually very good.

Note: There is one job site devoted entirely to work at home jobs, a big US site called This site has a lot of information about different types of work at home jobs, including work at home transcription jobs, and job ads, too. 

It’s best to use specific terms that can only relate to the type of work at home transcription jobs you want. This reduces the number of results and stays focused on the right type of work. (Any generic term will usually sabotage a search.)

For example, these are straightforward searches with which you can’t go far wrong:

  • Medical billing transcription
  • Legal transcription
  • Telecommuting transcription
  • Business transcription

Checking Out Work at Home Transcription Jobs

The next, and extremely important, stage of your job search is checking out the types of transcription work involved. Some work at home transcription jobs also include types of administration work or other duties related to the transcription role. These usually aren’t much of a problem, but in some cases, specialist knowledge, like medical coding or legal terminology, is required.

It’s often advisable to check with the advertiser if you’re not sure what’s involved in a work at home transcription job, particularly if you’d prefer to know more about pay, working arrangements, etc. You should be able to find out if there are any hidden workloads or extra duties involved.

Important: Also check out any unclear payment arrangements before you apply for anything. Most bona fide employers have a pretty simple payment system, using PayPal or direct deposit systems. If you’re working for an overseas employer, think seriously if the employer intends paying by check. Clearing a foreign check can take ages and leave you short of cash.

What a Good Work At Home Transcription Job Can Do For You

Transcription jobs and pay vary considerably. There are some excellent work at home transcription jobs available, and there’s a very strong demand for these services, globally. The difference between a good job and a bad one can be a lot of money and a lot of work. The good jobs are also good for getting more work because you can use them as examples of your experience. The less impressive types of job are basically just qualifications for more jobs of the same kind.

The good transcription jobs can even help you set up your own work at home transcription business. These businesses are excellent income earners, so finding the right jobs pays off in several different ways.