Working Abroad for Indians

India has one of the most valued work forces in the global market. Countries in USA and UAE have always appreciated the quality of intellectual mass that migrated from India. Besides, the fact that the Indian currency is below the level of the major global currencies, it makes it possible for these countries to employ the best there is at a appreciable lower cost than the market price, while at the same time keeping the employees highly satisfied. This always provides a win-win situation. This is the reason why the BPO and IT boomed in India and now is spreading over China.

Some five-six decades ago, migrating to USA in search of a job was a very sought after thing. Today, however, with the globalization of the market and the entrance of a great number of international conglomerates, the demand for a job abroad thaa come down to a large extent. Nonetheless, even today people love to have a job abroad mostly because the salaries and benefits are much higher than what is available on the domestic market.

The major areas where jobs are available are of course the IT industry, closely followed by nursing and para medical staff, doctors, teachers, au pairs, engineers, mechanical skilled hands and so on.

Supporting the opening up of the market India had actually proposed that a global work permit be instituted with specific emphasis to the USA and EU which could simplify the process. The difference in these types of visa would be that they would be issues to the employer and not to the employee and be specifically earmarked for the job that the employee is engaged for.

The preferred areas for migration for work are UAE and USA, though Australia, Canada and UK are also high on the priority list. Each of these countries encourages migration from India and other countries according to their available demand. This article will try to showcase the basic requirements for migrating abroad for working purposes.