Working and living in Prague

Prague is one of the best places to find jobs in the old East European sector. The Czech Republic has shown tremendous growth the past ten years. There are numerous job opportunities in Prague for teachers, IT specialists, auditors and bank personnel.

Job opportunities in Prague for English teachers
The Czech Republic promotes the learning of English because it wants to get a foot in the international market arena. The minimum requirement is a TEFL qualification but for those of you who lack certification, you can enroll at one of the many schools that offer courses over a period of 5 weeks for certification. They will also assist you in gaining employment afterwards. They have regular job fairs and English teachers can select from a wide variety of schools. The best time to search for work is in April when new teachers are employed.

Resources for job opportunities in Prague
You can browse the Prague Post a weekly newspaper, for jobs or the daily paper Fleet Sheet. They also have online versions. There are many online recruitment sites but you will need to conduct a personal interview before you will be accepted. Fluency in Czech is a must for many of the positions. The employers may also change or terminate your contract even before your arrival in the country. The best option is to go the Prague and search from there.

Working conditions
Unless you have excellent qualifications and are fluent in Czech, chances of employment are small except for teachers. They have a 40% tax rate for foreigners, which is high in comparison with other European countries. The cost of living in Prague is excessive in comparison with the income level.

Visa requirements
Foreigners may reside in the Czech Republic for one month without visas. If you stay longer, an exit visa that is valid for three months can be obtained. Anyone who wants to work there for longer than three months must apply for a work permit.

Social Life in Prague
The city offers an excellent nightlife. There are many foreigners in the city but they don't always feel welcome because the Czech citizens distance themselves from the foreigners. The language is difficult to learn and most of the citizens don't understand English. Try to learn the language before you search for job opportunities in Prague. Make friends through the Internet, as it will help you a lot if you already know a Czech citizen who can show you around.