Working from home, not the office

The usual arrangement with an employer is based on performance and circumstances. In some cases getting results, and in others keeping the staff member free of distractions and interruptions are the important factors. In current economic circumstances, the'work at home' arrangements also figure out as a job redesign, in the interests of both parties.

The work at home arrangement can be in various forms. The formal arrangements are:

  • A renegotiated contract
  • A redesigned job statement/performance agreement

There are some specific job related issues which really have to be dealt with to the employer's satisfaction, like handling sensitive materials and client confidentiality. These issues are usually covered by existing job agreements. They're also issues that can be built into a working proposition in a special work at home contract, in nearly all cases.

The main obstacle to work at home jobs is usually lack of familiarity on the part of employers. Traditional workplaces have been very slow to grasp new work concepts, but that situation is changing rapidly. The facts of the modern workplace are making the case for work at home jobs. A large range of office jobs no longer need an office.