Working with Job Recruiters: 3 Tips

Job recruiters are individuals trained to find qualified individuals to hire employees. Working with them can be highly beneficial. Rather than posting a job opening, a job recruiter will seek out individuals that are qualified for the open position. It is a more pro-active approach to hiring, but there are some things to consider when working with job recruiters. It is important to remember that a lack of attention from job recruiters is not necessarily your fault.

Remember that it's not you

Working with job recruiters can be difficult experiences. Many potential employees will send their resumes and cover letters to job recruiters over and over again, and they will hear nothing in return. Unlike the companies themselves, job recruiters are not required to send you any notice of denial. On the contrary, their job is to save the company time and money. Doing this does not allow a lot of extra time for potential employees' feelings. Remember this when you work with them to help develop a thicker skin.

A recruiter's indifference is not a reflection on their talents, or yours. It is simply their job to save the employer money and time by easing the hiring process. Hiring new employees is extremely expensive for companies. The manpower that goes into interviewing and weeding through new applicants can be devastating to a company that has a high turnover rate. A job recruiter will come in and ease the process. This means that your application may not get the attention it would get if the company was doing it themselves.

Remember the benefits of working with job recruiters

It's important to remember the benefits of a job recruiter. A professional job recruiter can find you that perfect new job. Their job is to find great employees for great employers. A good job recruiter will have your interests in mind and will aim to give you a job where you feel fulfilled. The job recruiter is paid by the company. Everyone wins because the employer finds an employee, the recruiter is paid and you have a job. This is the ultimate goal of job recruiting is to find an employee, and working with a job recruiter can be the best decision you've made professionally.

Be cautious

Although many job recruiters can find you that perfect job, remember that they are a third party in the employment system. This means that they are not necessarily trustworthy. You do not want your resume to fall into a pile of other resumes where it could slip into the inappropriate hands. Be discerning when a job recruiter contacts you. A job recruiter should be able to prove themselves through personal contact and attention. Remember that you can make a recruiter look good by doing your work and exuding professionalism throughout your career.