Advice for the unemployed.

Job losses affect more than just the immediate family but also affect the whole community. Community programs, labor unions and government-sponsored programs have been established to assist people who are unemployed. It is a global problem and thousands of people lose their jobs every year. It is therefore not a shame to ask for unemployment help.

There are a number places a person can go to find unemployment help. The ones listed in this article serve a guideline.

Unemployment Insurance Programs
The Unemployment offices provide unemployment compensation for people who lose their jobs. The offices offer benefit payments of a percentage of your wages earned over a period. Contact your nearest office to apply for benefits as soon as possible after a job loss. You will need to complete a claim form and seek for new employment. These offices also offer training and job search services.

In some countries like South Africa, you can also contact the Department of Labor to register for possible jobs. The Canada Employment Office has a Self Employment Program to assist unemployed workers to start their own business. They provide a business plan and continued support. The unemployed person is still eligible to receive benefits while he is in the process of setting up the business. The USA offices offer unemployment help through benefits and job lists.

Worker's Compensation
People who get injured or disabled while they are at work, can qualify for unemployment help in the form of Worker's Compensation. The dependants of the worker may receive compensation when an employee is killed at work.

When you are injured on the job, inform your manager or supervisor, human resources, and the union steward. Acquire medical assistance. Your company's insurance should pay for injuries. Contact your country's worker compensation or disability office. They will inform you of your rights and requirements to qualify for compensation.

unemployment help from your Union

Unions are there to protect worker's rights and assist workers when they find themselves without jobs. You should make use of their expertise. They can help to find a new job, or get you reinstated. Many of the unions have additional programs to assist you in getting social welfare. Your union may also have an insurance policy that can help you to receive medical insurance and treatment, partial compensation for job losses, assistance with childcare and more. Speak to your union office to find out what assistance programs they offer.

Contact a Referral Program

The local labor department office, your union, a career one-stop program, community centers, and social welfare services can all direct you to the right services to help you while you are unemployed. The Red Cross, Salvation Army, churches, and assistance for the elderly programs, are also good sources.

Social Security
If you are disabled and cannot function in a work capacity any longer, or are too old to get a new job, you can apply for social security pension or disability payment. It is a long and frustrating process, since the departments will try to prove that you can still work. If you can be retrained to do another type of job with your disability, the government can offer you vocational rehabilitation whereby you retrained to do another type of job.

Assistance for the elderly
Church groups and other voluntary organizations offer programs where senior citizens can still work or make a contribution to the workforce. Many of these organizations also run food delivery services and daily care services such Meals on Wheels, Red Cross, as well as the Salvation Army.

Unemployment help: Welfare and Food Services
It can become difficult to support your family during unemployment periods.. Make use of the assistance programs since you have contributed to those institutions through your taxes. If you stay in the Unites States you can apply for food stamps from the United States Department of Agriculture. They also offer a program for low- income mothers with infants, where the mother receives vouchers for essential baby products. Don't be afraid to contact your local welfare office to apply for assistance. The social worker will access your situation and recommend what type of welfare assistance you can apply for. There are community centers in most cities that provide a hot meal and boarding for people who find themselves without work and a place to stay. They have excellent counselors and provide unemployment help guidance.