Being terminated from a job, we have a few tips..

Fired from job? Read the Tips on being Lay-Off to find out how to cope with being retrenched. These guidelines also include how a lay-off should and should not be handled.

Fired from job coping strategy:
Get in contact with your nearest unemployment insurance office. You can call, email or visit them. Enquire whether you eligible for Unemployment Benefits and how to file a claim for compensation. Start this process right away because the benefits are only paid two to three weeks after your claim is processed. You are not entitled to any benefits before the date of your claim registration. They will also assist you with job lists and training where applicable.

  • Contact your union for advice on your rights and assistance with regard to training and possible programs for retrenched workers.
  • Enquire about sick leave pay, accrued vacation payouts; pension payouts, and separation pay as well as health and life insurance benefit continuance.
  • Speak to your personnel department about outplacement reserves.
  • Obtain a letter of recommendation to use when you apply for another job.
  • If you don't have a computer, printer and Internet access at home, make use of a community center or the library's resources to draw up a resume.
  • Contact a career center or recruitment agency to find out what other jobs are available.
  • Use the Internet for self-assessment tests on your personality, skills and job possibilities.
  • Create a job search plan. Consider job hunting as a full time work and give it your best.
  • Don't let pride stand in your way from asking for assistance and applying for benefits. You have contributed through your taxes and are entitled to the compensation.