Career Traps, part 2

Career Traps, Part 2: Getting Out

In Career traps, part 1, the problems of career killing jobs were explained. These jobs need an escape plan. The real risk is their destruction of career tracks. To get your career back on track may not be simple, but it's doable.

There are some questions you need to ask:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What do you need to do that?
  • How do you exit the career trap and get your career back on track?
  • How do you get your CV up to a marketable standard to get new jobs?

Getting out of the career trap: Stage one

The career trap can be neutralized, even if you don't yet have an exit strategy. You need to create a decent CV with relevant skills in the direction of your career goal:

  • Check out any available jobs in your career path with your current employer, or part-time work with another.
  • Find jobs where you can revive your career skills. It doesn't matter if they're in the salary range; as long as you're getting the current skills for your CV, you're paying yourself.

With these extra skills on your CV, you're already breaking the hold of the career trap.

Qualifications upgrades

Outdated qualifications and lack of current experience are definitely not job getters. Refresher courses are a real option to improve and enhance your job prospects.

Note: Qualifications upgrades will take some research. What's needed in the job market and where that can take you in your career are the primary concerns, but if you're getting professional qualifications you might as well get good ones. You can invest in some real career assets while you're at it.

The escape route

Good job hunting, and well targeted CVs and job applications, will definitely get you out of the career trap.

Important: Don't guess on how to do anything at this point. Make sure everything you do with your job hunting and applications is done properly, and that you're staying on target with your career goals. It's critically important to your career that you make your move with as little time wastage as possible.

The job hunt

Never mind job ads. For every job ad, there are ten that get filled without an advertisement. Go for an inside track, wherever you can find one.

Networking: Use your professional network to the max. You need information about who is hiring, what jobs are available, and everything you can get about the jobs you're going for. Talk to the employer, or the employer's HR, and if at all possible, management. Make sure you're only applying for the jobs you need.

Recruiters: Find a recruiter who is definitely placing people in your line of work. These recruiters are pure gold. They also have good reputations in the industry, so they're not that hard to find.

Staying out of the career traps

You know what a career trap is. You know the signs. If you see your job heading for a dead end, change course! A career path can only be followed if you look where you're going.