Changes of perspective

This is about how you see yourself, your career and your ambitions. The deadly thing about being unemployed is that everything is put on hold, and it affects how people see themselves. That's a lousy perspective to have on your life.

We don't do amateur psychology on CVTips. We try and help people, instead.

There aren't any easy, simple fixes for people's perspectives, because people aren't simple, and their lives aren't easy when they're out of work.

Your personal perspective is your view of the world. Everyone's view is different, and it's absurd to claim there's a single perspective, or some single answer which is right for everyone.

Unemployment blurs the personal perspective. It creates problems, and while dealing with the problems, the big picture recedes into the background. People find themselves battling relatively trivial issues, which are big at the time, but small in the wider view.

The danger is that you can lose the plot, literally. You can lose track of your life, and your sense of perspective. Unemployment is a gruesome experience, and it's often so bad that very important ideas and thinking get drowned out in the war with the daily catastrophes.

To get anywhere you want to go, you have to be able to visualize:

  • What you're really trying to achieve
  • How to achieve it
  • How to set yourself up to achieve it
  • Any steps you need to take
  • Ways and means of getting what you need or want at any point in the process

The most important perspective issue here is What you're really trying to achieve. The tendency, when unemployed and battering your way through every day, is to set short range targets. Sometimes you don't even get that choice, the targets are all about solving problems.

That's where you need to go to work on creating a long term, big picture perspective, because you don't currently have one. It's been buried under the piles of daily garbage and irritations.

This is about what you want. For some, it's often not a subject they think about much. Some people are so selfless that their personal perspective is really about their families, or loved ones. You may be one of those very noble people who puts everyone in their lives ahead of themselves, but even so, you'll do what you want to do for them a lot better if you can give yourself a chance to enlarge your horizons, and achieve some personal goals.

This isn't selfishness, it's necessary. You have to operate as an individual, as well as a breadwinner or a support. A personal perspective is often the best way of organizing yourself to function effectively in those terms.

What you're really trying to achieve

It's also why What you're really trying to achieve is so important. The risk is you can turn your personal perspective into a jigsaw puzzle with a few very important pieces, namely your own ideas and goals, missing.

For unemployed people, the ability to see even a few days or a week ahead is sometimes a luxury they just don't have. Nothing is simple, and anything called easy is ancient history.

Just for the record, that's also where a lot of the sheer frustration comes from, and that frustration is an obstacle that really has to be dealt with. To find your way through it, you need to be able to look forward, not backwards.

Nothing can stop you thinking about your ideas.

You can put things in perspective, and start working on a future, and at the very least, you can figure out what you want. Don't be surprised if it's something you've always wanted, either.


Do you see what needs doing, and how unemployment has cut down the visibility? That's what a perspective can do for you, and once you've sorted yours out into working order, you'll always have that perspective to work with.

The other points all work off that basis:

How to achieve it

That relates directly to the objectives you've created with your perspective. It's like lateral thinking, seeing a result and figuring out how it happened.

How to set yourself up to achieve it

This is similar to How to achieve it, but it's like a subroutine, methods, lines of thought, ways of approaching a problem. It's a sort of calculator function, in some ways, but you can think your way through it.

Any steps you need to take

Another subroutine, practical processes, things you need to do. Very useful in terms of planning, because you've got something definite to work with, and you can find different ways of doing things.

Ways and means of getting what you need or want at any point in the process

Another obvious necessity, but this one can be fun, solving irritating problems, and beating them. You'll find that all that time spent battling unemployment induced problems has made you quite a good problem solver. You'll also find that you're prepared to take on degrees of difficulty you would once have thought too much, without a second thought.

Your personal perspective is your guidance system, and it's 100% reliable, after you've got the taste of unemployment put in its proper perspective, as a nuisance that has to be removed.

Do yourself a favor- Be patient. Make your moves, get yourself from A to B to C, and if that takes a bit of time, use the time to get all the other things moving. You'll find you can get a lot done. Sometimes the extra time is a lot more useful than it looks. If you're used to having time on your hands because of unemployment, you'll find having something to do with the time a great relief, and you really can get a lot done.

Always keep looking ahead, because there's no point in going backwards. Your perspective is your own personal road map.