Clean PC before you leave your job

Without being too technical, pretty much everything you do on a PC including Internet activity is stored permanently on the computers hard drive. Sending items to the recycle bin, might make them inaccessible to a novice like you but not to a super snoop with the know how or the software to retrieve the information!

Many people whose work involves a PC which is connected to the internet will browse the internet either during working hours or during a lunch break. Some of it mught be quite innocent and some less so. You may be chatting online, receiving personal emails, making purchases etc.

Everything you do on your PC over the internet is stored on the hard drive of the computer. Should your employer be so inclined they could retrieve all the information relating to your Internet habits and use it to build a case against you. They could do this after you leave or while still employed. They could even use it as grounds to dismiss you.

I know of one chap who was sacked for using ''offensive language'' when ''chatting'' on a forum online during working hours. The conversation had been retrieved by the employer who was clearly looking for something, and that was used to build a case against him for dismissal. It was quite clear at the time that the employer was looking for a reason to dismiss this particular employee, that could be you! Do not give them to opportunity or the ammunition to fire you!

Either stick to work related activity or delete your Internet trail permanently!

Just as deleted files can be retrieved using software the trail can be removed permanently using software. So combat your employers hard disc detectives and use a utility that erases all evidence from your hard disk in a secure manner. Selection of freeware cleaning tools

The alternative to using software to erase your trail is to take a hammer to the PC but that is not so discreet and almost certainly will result in you having to buy a replacement PC or being charged for criminal damage! Don''t do it, check out the software instead.