Close to unemployment - when the job is in trouble

One of the many endless reminders which low wage employees contend with is that they are not in charge of the business. There is no way to tell if the business is in trouble, or they may be losing the job they have. While many articles will inform you to watch for a slowdown in orders or shortened schedules, not every troubled business is handled appropriately or is caused by falling sales levels. There are other signs which should warn you that you might be losing the job because the business is in trouble.

Missed or Moving Pay Days

While this may seem an obvious detail, it does happen when the business is in trouble and trying to meet bills and other payments.

  • Paydays are suddenly switching to a later day in the week.
  • Paydays suddenly switch from every week to bi-weekly without notice.

If this happens more than once in a few months, you might be losing the job soon.

Bounced Checks

This situation does happen more often than admitted to. Due to business trouble, paychecks and other smaller debts may go unpaid because there is simply not enough money in the business bank account. As with personal accounts, it takes one or two payments failing to clear the bank for everything else to follow suit. Signs to watch for:

  • Paychecks continue to bounce
  • Paychecks require days to clear
  • The account is on hold

COD Deliveries

Most suppliers issue a business credit for deliveries. This means that instead of immediate payment upon delivery, the business makes payments to the amount owed. Some warning signs here include:

  • If a business is suddenly paying COD for deliveries, the credit has become unreliable.
  • If deliveries suddenly are cut back with no explanation.

Many franchises face this problem when the franchisee can't handle the finances properly.

Constant Maintenance Issues

While most businesses attempt to run maintenance and repairs in a cost effective manner, tell tale signs will let you know when the business is in trouble and you could be losing the job you have.

  • Repairs go unmade
  • Patchwork maintenance
  • Lights, paint, flooring, plumbing or other minor issues are ignored or put off to an unknown date.
  • Constant breakdowns in needed equipment or machinery
  • Employees are doing the repairs themselves to keep the business functioning.
  • Equipment or tools are showing signs of age and multiple repairs without replacement.

The Boss Is Absent

If the boss begins to suddenly seem distant, there may be a reason. When a business is in trouble, the boss usually doesn't want to deal with the headaches. Here are a few signs which might mean you are losing the job.

  • The boss stays in the office all day
  • The boss takes multiple days off or is frequently leaving for long periods of time.
  • The boss is never available for phone calls.
  • The boss suddenly seems not to care, or shows a lack of concern for problems.

While the slight appearance of any of these signs is no reason to raise alarms, you need to be aware of subtle changes in the workplace. Trouble paying the employees or consistent maintenance issues can mean just a blip in the radar. Combined, these issues could mean you are losing the job and need an exit plan.