Ending employment contracts of Staff

  • The management should prepare all relevant documentation for each employee such as the notification time, salary details, separation pay, benefit and accrued leave pay. And he should have it ready to be able to answer your questions.
  • The manager must invite the employee to a private conversation and allow him to sit down. He must explain the company's reasons as well as how the severance compensation work and whether there are any outplacement resources available.
  • The manager must be willing to answer the employee's questions and provide an overview of the leaving process.

Tips on being Lay-Off: how you should not be Fired from job

  • Drake Beam Morin (DBM) consulting firm did a worldwide study that indicated that 10 percent of employees who were retrenched in 2000, told their colleagues first about the lay-off. This means if a company don't communicate the lay-off in a humane and professional manner, it may lead to lower loyalty and motivation levels in the rest of the personnel.
  • Fired from job email or voice messages are not acceptable. An employee has the right to open communication with the management. The Society of Human Resources Management conducted a study that showed that most employees are called in, but at least three percent are informed by word of mouth, conference calls, emails, or voicemails.
  • Fired from job in a professional and caring manner, has less impact on the employee. Company managers should understand that the worker's security, self esteem and future is affected by being laid off.