Finding Motivation after a Layoff

Recharging your motivation, after an experience like a layoff can be an exercise of discipline, patience and perseverance. A layoff will affect your perspective and can be difficult to overcome. A layoff may feel like the end of the world, but it isn't. Many people use it as an opportunity to reinvent themselves. Depending on your line of work, a layoff can help further your career if you can manage your options properly. Personal situations vary, but there are plenty of ways of using a layoff to improve your position:

Low paying, unskilled or blue collar jobs

For people in low paying, unskilled jobs, layoffs can be a positive, upward move. Because these  jobs are not typically where you want to work forever, you can use your time to increase your skill set. Attend a community college and see if you can qualify for much better, higher paying jobs.

In some areas, you can even get paid training, and get a whole new series of job options and portable skills. If you have the necessary qualifications, you can apply for trades training, or other types of work with good prospects. Motivation, in this situation, can start with the fact that you now have a real chance to achieve something extremely valuable in terms of your quality of life. The disaster can turn into a triumph, if things are done properly.

The opportunities are there. Look for trainee programs with major companies, look for those opportunities, and you'll find plenty. The beauty of this situation for people coming from low paying jobs is that they can find a way up into really good jobs. It takes patience and persistence, but when you find your track, you're on your way.

Middle income, white collar jobs 

For people in this income bracket, layoffs can be financial disasters. They tend to have a lot of financial commitments, and have to run a marathon of self management issues, as well as looking for new jobs.

However, with this shopping list of problems come some very good, realistic opportunities. The extra time can lead you into higher fields. You can now do some real career development, and recreate your career options. Many people in this sector tend to let their qualifications molder away, sometimes for years. Many jobs cause people to specialize in some areas at the expense of other, more marketable skills. You may in fact have just lost a job that could have been or become a dead end in career terms.

Study, internships, traineeships and other options are now available. Your resume can positively blossom with new, useful, valuable entries in a few months. You'll also find some personal vindication in the fact that you may be able to achieve a lot more in this situation than you could possibly have attempted while you were in your old job.