Getting out of a rut

Boredom is dangerous when you're unemployed.

The mind finds itself on a treadmill, and that really doesn't help, when you need to be doing some real thinking.

Nobody could call unemployment addictive.

But you can get habituated to so many things that it's like wearing blinkers. That's real trouble. It's quite possible to simply not do things because you just don't give yourself a chance to even think of them.

The day, if it's organized, can be used for doing whole new things. There are a few things you have to do, and you can find yourself getting pretty sick of doing them. But they don't have to take up the whole day.

If you can possibly avoid it, don't allow the routines to dictate your life. You can probably get them done pretty quickly, if you try, and spend the spare time you create getting out of the rut.

The problem is that a rut, by definition, means you have to get out of it. Whatever's causing the rut isn't helping. It's probably hindering.

Things aren't happening, and you need to start creating opportunities for yourself, because the rut is by definition a result of lack of opportunities and new inputs.