How to cancel a resignation letter.

Having to retract a letter of resignation can be one of the most difficult and embarrassing things you will ever have to do in your professional career. Even though you should do everything in your power to avoid this situation, it can happen. Below are some guidelines to follow if you find yourself in this situation.


If you have decided to retract your letter of resignation you more than likely have a reason. It is important to remember that other employees are going to see you as a traitor. This is expected, but you will be able to regain the trust of your colleagues over time.

Sometimes you may want to retract your letter of resignation because of a counteroffer that was too good to turn down. If this is the case be sure to get the new terms of your contract in writing.

The Act

If you come to the conclusion that you need to retract your letter of resignation make sure you do it in writing. This letter should be similar to your resignation letter, but should state the reasons that you want to stay with the company.

Just like your resignation letter, keep this letter simple and positive. Be clear in what you are saying so that your employer has no doubts that you want to stay on board with the company. Towards the end, be sure to express your appreciation for the opportunity given to you by the company.

Remember that just because you are retracting your letter of resignation does not mean that the company has to accept it. Legal limitations as well as company policy may prohibit you from retracting your resignation.