How to cope with unemployment

Dealing with job loss requires you to regroup, rethink, and readjust to new situations. Having a daily routine helps you control your life. But what happens if the routine is gone?

Take Some Time

When dealing with job loss, one thing you notice immediately is that the daily routine will change considerably. A few of the things you may find time for within the first week of unemployment are:

  • Getting some chores caught up around the house
  • Getting a DIY project finished
  • Splurge on something small that you can afford
  • Take a day and 'see' the community around you.
  • Unwind from day to day and let your mind slow itself down

Get Back Into a Routine

After taking the first week 'off ' and allowing yourself time, it is time to regroup. Dealing with job loss means needing to find another direction to go, most likely another job. You will need to set a regular routine that helps you move forward. Here are some tips to help set up a regular routine:

  • Get up at a regular time. Looking for a new job is a job itself and must be treated as such.
  • Exercise. This is also a good time to get yourself back into shape so that you can handle what new jobs come to you.
  • Network. Keep up with friends and people you know. Let them know you are actively seeking work and what you can do.
  • Try placing at least two resumes at jobs you might want per day during the week.
  • Socialize. Keep yourself in front of people. You don't know where the next job is coming from.
  • Get into volunteer or community work. Again, it helps in dealing with job loss and gets your face out in the community.
  • Get into the local work agencies. Making yourself a regular here will keep you 'top of mind' for jobs and let them know you are serious about working.

While you are setting up a general routine to find work, there are a few more things that can help when dealing with job loss.

  • Update your CV! Don't have one? Get one written.
  • Update your image. You will need a sharp and professional image to gain a foot in the door.
  • Redefine career and personal goals. Is this the time to change something?
  • Assess your financial situation. What do you really need to cover the basics of home and food?
  • Return to study. This may also be a good time to gain new education or update your skills.

Dealing with job loss isn't just about looking back at what has been lost; but also looking ahead at keeping up with yourself and self improvement.