How to file for unemployment benefits in Ohio

If you are unemployed and hail from Ohio, the first thing that you should do is to apply for unemployment benefits even as you try to get a job. Ohio unemployment benefits provide temporary compensation for 20-26 weeks. The compensation could be in the range of to depending on the positions you have held, your experience and qualification. But first, you must be eligible for unemployment benefits in Ohio, which translates to -

  1. you must have worked in the state and;
  2. have proof of recent employment and termination of service.
If you have not worked in Ohio than you can claim for unemployment benefit from any other state where you have worked. The details of the Ohio Unemployment benefits can be obtained from . You should file for unemployment benefits as early as possible. It may take two to three weeks to get your first unemployment benefit check.

Unemployment Benefits  - The Facts

Once your financial worry is taken care of temporarily by way of unemployment benefits you may concentrate fully on searching for jobs. The job scenario is not bad in Ohio. While states like Mississippi and South Carolina have unemployment rates of 9.9% and 7.0% respectively, the Ohio unemployment rate is 5.9%, that's slightly above the national average of 4.9% for the month of December. A comparative information on unemployment rates of various states can be gathered from, The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Phone: (202) 691-6392, Fax: (202) 691-6459.

Which Sector to Look for

Manufacturing sector has the highest number of employees, followed by health care and social assistance, and retail trade in the state of Ohio. But the job growth projections by The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services show a different picture. The number of jobs is expected to grow to 6.376 million by 2012 from 5.814 million in 2002. Manufacturing and natural resources sectors are actually expected to lose jobs with the exception being construction industry, which is projected to grow at 14.5%. Majority of the projected job growth would come from the service sector. People seeking employment stand a good chance of getting a job in education and health services, professional and business services, as these sectors are expected to grow at 20.1 and 20.3 respectively. With an overall growth projection of 9.7% there is a healthy chance of getting a job in any sector. It is best advised to avoid manufacturing and natural resources.

What Jobs are Available

The most number of annual job openings in Ohio are for the following positions cashiers (8732), retails sales persons (7095), food pre/srv workers (5985), waiters and waitresses (5824). There are also jobs open as nurses, customer service representatives, office clerks, stock clerks, janitors, maids and house keeping staff. The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services Online can be contacted at 614-466-6282 for details. One factor should be borne in the mind while studying the tables is that a high growth rate does not necessarily mean more number of openings. For instance, a 10% growth in retail sales will add 7095 jobs a year, where as 52.4% growth in medical assistants jobs will add only 1168 jobs a year.

Jobs in Ohio libraries can be searched for in and for Supreme court jobs can be searched at