How to get unemployment benefits.

You can claim unemployment compensation when you lose your job, provided that you were not at fault. Governments set an unemployment compensation Fund in place, to assist you by providing a percentage of wages earned over a set period of time, called the benefit period. The income is not supposed to be a substitute for a job, but rather assistance until you find a new job.

The criteria for being eligible may differ from country to country, and even within a country according to the different state or local government laws.

  • You must be willing and able to work
  • Register for unemployment compensation at your nearest office or through the Internet if your office has a site. You cannot receive benefit payments for the period before you filed a claim.
  • You must actively seek work and not turn down any suitable position.
  • You must have worked a minimum period and earned a minimum amount as set out by your office.
  • You can only apply if you were not fired due to misconduct, unless you can motivate and explain that you have tried to resolve the issue.
  • You may not apply if you resigned, unless you explain that it was because of a family crisis, or a serious personal cause, or due to a work situation that could not be resolved.
  • You cannot receive unemployment compensation if you are studying full time.

unemployment compensation Benefits

  • There is a maximum period of benefit payments. In the Unites States it is 26 weeks in most of the states, while in other countries the period may differ.
  • There is a maximum amount that will be paid.
  • Compensation benefits are taxable in most countries. You can request that the amount must be deducted directly from your benefits for tax purposes.

unemployment compensation Procedure

  • Complete the claim form, either by telephone, Internet, or in person at the Compensation office.
  • Register for job assistance and training where applicable.
  • Seek employment: contact potential employers, send your resume out and go to interviews.
  • Return to the Compensation office on the schedule date and time to collect your benefits. In some countries such as the USA, you can follow the progress of your claim online and receive payments without going to the Compensation office.
  • Provide feedback on your job search.

Information Required for unemployment compensation

  • Your full names, date and place of birth, and maiden name if applicable.
  • Social security number or identification number.
  • Postal address, street address, phone numbers and if applicable, email address.
  • Tax number.
  • If it is an online registration, create a username and password.
  • Maiden name of mother.
  • Details of past employers for the last 24 months.
  • Date started at your last job as well as the date you left.
  • The reason for losing your job.

Unemployment compensation period and payment

  • It takes 14 to 21 days after the first benefit week for payment, thus four weeks after your initial claim.
  • After your claim is approved, you will be able to submit a weekly claim by telephone or through the Internet.
  • Compensation may range from 35-50% of your weekly earnings from your benefit period.