How to write a resignation letter.

Below are some quick tips to keep in mind when writing a letter of resignation.

  • Always type your letter, never hand write it. Use a standard business font and format.
  • Keep the letter simple, and use a positive tone.
  • Date your letter so that it is clear when you submitted your resignation.
  • Address and deliver your letter directly to your boss or supervisor.
  • State what position you are resigning from. Do not forget to include the correct title.
  • Make sure you include when your last day of work will be. Typically, this will be two weeks after the date at the top of your letter; but this does not always hold true.
  • Proofread. Proofread. Proofread.
  • Sign the letter to make it official.
  • Remember to save a copy for your records. You never know when you may need it.