Maintaining long term goals with short term jobs

Most people will change jobs at least five times before they retire. In today's market that number is steadily rising with people moving from job to job. Most of the people moving from job to job are either unskilled labor or forced to move on because of the economy. For many of these people, the idea of dreams and goals are not something they can fit into their life of moving from job to job. But there is a way to do this. Three simple steps can help you achieve a better life while moving from job to job.

  • Define the dream
  • Keep the dream
  • Work the goal

Here's how its done.

Defining the Dream

Knowing what you want is half the battle. Finding it is not impossible. Ask some questions, and your heart and head will provide lots of answers. Usually the first ones are the right ones.

Keeping the Dream

One of the main reasons for people to give up on a dream or goal is that they listen to the wrong people. Here are a few simple suggestions for keeping the dream alive.

  • Negative people don't care about you - the only way a negative person can feel good about anything is by bringing other people down to the same low level which they see themselves.
  • Find the support - the people who will support you will be far and few; but once you find one, keep them, utilize their support, suggestions and ideas.
  • Keep your head down - stopping to check out the scenery on the way to your dream will slow you down. But also consider other possibilities if they arise. Consistent and constant motion will always move you ahead somehow.

Working the Goal

Now that you know what you want to do, how do you make moving from job to job work to your advantage?

  • Build up a knowledge base from each job
  • Start building a network - as you move you can leverage the size of your network into better income
  • Skills and experience - with each new job you gain another skill and more experience which in turn makes you more valuable.
  • References - if you can leave on good terms as you move from job to job, you build up a line of references which can also help advance your value and goals
  • The Boss as a tool - with each new job you have the opportunity to get to know a new boss; and with that new boss are a possibility of new ways of thinking and doing things which they used to get to the position they have.

When you know what your goal is, and are willing to keep an eye towards that goal, moving from job to job isn't an issue. Moving from job to job becomes a tool and a method you use to reach your ultimate goal and destination.