Michigan Unemployment Benefits

Michigan unemployment benefits are awarded to any Michigan resident that meets the criteria set out by Michigan law. The same laws govern all state unemployment offices and it is the Michigan Consumer and Industry Services that determine the amount and duration of the benefits awarded to Michigan residents.

There are several ways you can claim your Michigan unemployment benefits. Visit the Unemployment Insurance Agency website for the online application form. This application is during between 7am and 7pm Monday to Saturday. Alternatively ring the toll free number 1-866-500-0017 with your details.

In order to make the process of submitting your application run smoothly, try to ensure you have details of your recent employers including their name, address and the dates of your employment. Copy any written evidence you have that shows your unemployment is not through any fault of your own. At present, Michigan unemployment benefits average between and . You will usually need to wait up to three weeks for your claim to be assessed, and if your claim is successful you should receive Michigan unemployment benefits for a period of between 14 and 26 weeks.

MichiganWorks.com offers job listings and you can upload your resume onto the site so that employers looking for staff may see your resume and contact you. Alternatively you should consider visiting a job fair in order to look for suitable and gainful employment with the state. The Michigan Works website has details of when and where these are scheduled.

There are a wide variety of industries in and around Michigan that are seeking employees. The state is known as the birthplace of the automobile and this industry still provides a number of employment opportunities. However, the tourist industry is a booming industry and is an exceptional opportunity for the Michigan unemployed to find work. If you are looking for a career move but are not sure of the direction to take then the career forum provides you with access to people who could have the answer you are looking for.