Preparation prior to job resignation.

Before you decide to hand in your resignation letter, always remember to have all of your personal belongings out of your office. Also remember to delete all personal files from your computer as well. If you work for a bigger company, you will usually get shown the door the second that they receive your letter of resignation. But that is no big deal if you have already cleaned out your office. If you are not prepared you may never have the chance to get your stuff, as some companies will lock you out and change your computer passwords.

  • A couple of tips to keep in mind if you know that you are going to resign:
  • Take personal belongings home in advance so there is no question about what belongs to you, and what belongs to the company.
  • Ask for letters of recommendation if appropriate.
  • Take any of your personal work so that you can add it to your portfolio.

Some of these tasks may have to be done secretly because you do not want to give anybody clues that you are leaving.

Your last day at the company can be very uncomfortable as you may be watched the whole day, and questioned about items in your office, etc. Preparing in advance helps to avoid getting put in the awkward position of being escorted out with personal belongings or files that may be in question in tow.