Resignation Letter Template

Use the usual letter style:

your name/address/contact details


your employers name/dept

RE- notice of termination of employment

For the content, start by advising them formally of your intention to leave with your last date of work with the company. This date should be calculated so that you are providing the correct amount of notice as advised in your contract. Greater notice is generally acceptable but rarely is shorter notice, unless you request permission to lower the amount of notice required giving your reasons for doing so.

Next provide a brief reason for leaving followed by your reassurance that you will assist with handing over your duties, etc.

Finally, thank them for the opportunities they provided and wish them well for the future.

If you were with them a long time, you may wish to personalise the letter slightly but as this remains on your personnel file it is better to keep it formal and voice any 'extra' sentiments in person.

Sign off with

Yours sincerely

Your name

Job title