Staying Mentally Active During Unemployment

In some ways, the problems with unemployment are more mental than physical. Unemployment is a truly lousy mental experience. It's dull, frustrating, restrictive, worrying and incredibly irritating. Everything seems to be stuck. There's a way out of that mindset, though.

This is an area where you can beat unemployment. It might deprive you of a job, but it can't stop you from thinking. You can actually think your way out of the mindset and out of unemployment while you're at it. You have all the materials you need, in your mind.

The 'unemployed' mindset is almost entirely negative. It works on things you can't do, things you don't have, and is self aggravating. It makes even small things much more annoying than they would be otherwise. Sound familiar?

This is the weak spot in the unemployed mindset. That negative stuff isn't the whole story, or anything like it. It's misrepresentation of the situation. If anything, it just emphasizes the fact that you're thinking about things that go nowhere. If you've ever had a mental block, where you just couldn't think your way through something, it's exactly the same situation.

  • Remember trying hard repeatedly to do something that just didn't work?
  • Remember the mental immovability, like the problem was going to go on forever?
  • Did it turn out that both the methods you were using and the mindset were the problem?
  • Couldn't see the obvious, because you weren't thinking about it?
  • Was the situation made worse because you didn't get mentally active and change your methods, or get information you needed to solve the problem?

Bingo. That's the story with the 'unemployed' mindset. That thinking just aggravates the problem. The negatives monopolize the mind. Hardly anything else gets considered. That's what you have to beat, and it's fun to do.

Change your mind, change your methods

If you've been stuck in a mental rut, if you're making habitual reactions to situations, you need to get out of that routine, fast. When unemployed, a lot of things are habitual. Even job applications become routines, rather than something you can get really enthusiastic about.

One track minded approaches to unemployment are dangerous. They're very unproductive. You need to change how you do things, and how you see and think about opportunities. It's quite possible that you're even going for the wrong jobs. If you only go for the same jobs, you're literally missing all other possible options. There are only going to be so many of those jobs advertised, and if you don't have options, you drastically reduce the odds of getting a job.

Trying new things is one of the most important changes to the unemployed mindset. You don't have any preconceived reservations or doubts. You could even discover a whole new career path, completely out of the unemployment mold. You could get training in a new field. You could go for jobs in new areas where your experience and skills apply, but in different fields.

Change your mind, change your methods, and change your life. You'll have the distinct pleasure of beating unemployment.