Staying Physically Active During Unemployment

Unemployment puts physical restrictions on people. They can't be as socially or physically active as they were at work, and that affects health and happiness. It's actually very unhealthy to be physically inactive for long periods, and the couch potato effect can become a chronic health issue.

Physical trainers often remind people that the lack of exercise can cause deterioration in general health. That's because even basic activities are forms of exercise. A working day contains a lot of physical activity. A good social life can include sports, dancing, swimming, and lots of healthy, subconscious exercise. Most people don't even notice that they're physically very active, on the job and in their social lives.

Unemployed people getting no physical exercise are getting the simultaneous double whammy of lack of incentives and lack of activity. They don't have any external motive to do what they need to do to be healthy. Even a very fit person can get out of condition in that situation. Some put on weight, some lose the "match fitness" stamina they had on the job. They get tired easily, and sometimes become apathetic, lacking interest and initiative.

Getting out of couch potato mode

To get yourself out of the inactive unemployed mode:

  • Play a sport. It really is good for you; it's fun, it helps stamina, and gives you a full workout at a high energy levels.
  • Swimming, working out, and basic exercises all help. Any form of basic exercise, like swimming, even for half an hour a day, will do a lot to improve your health.
  • Visit friends, get out and about. This really does change the perspectives, and even just getting around keeps you focused and active.
  • Have some fun doing something you like. Hobbies, sports, personal projects, all these things get you both physically and mentally active.
  • Socialize where and with whom you like to socialize. Stay in the loop of your preferred environment.
  • Take up yoga, Qigong (aka "Tai Chi") or some reliable form of exercise. These exercises are simple, great for circulation and mental states. They can also help you maintain a reasonable level of basic fitness and health. You can even do these exercises in bed or sitting in a chair.

Job hunting benefits of being physically active

Being physically active is an asset in more ways than one, when you're looking for a job. A healthy person makes a much better impression on employers than an obviously unhealthy person. Physical health makes one of the great first impressions. An obviously active person is more likely to be considered a good choice as an employee.

Physical health is something you can do for yourself

The curse of unemployment prevents people from doing a lot of things, but it shouldn't prevent you doing a few sit-ups or keeping fit. Get active, get fit, stay fit, and you'll find a lot of the problems of unemployment are out of the way. You won't get tired, you won't get bored, and sooner or later you will get a job.