Ten ways to stay positive while unemployed

When moving through unemployment people get frustrated. People begin focusing on negatives and blanket statements such as:

  • No one is calling back
  • No one is hiring
  • I'm too old
  • My resume is too out of date
  • My life is crashing around me

Ten Positive Things

In order to keep using what you have, your knowledge and skills, you must find new work. The unemployment will end; you know this. The problem becomes how to get through the unemployment positively. With this in mind, try using these ten ways of staying positive while you are unemployed. Using what you have to stay upbeat and moving forward will create more opportunities.

  • Create Your Ideal Job On Canvas - take any flat surface and paste a picture of you doing a job you like. Attach reaffirming words, articles and references from printed media. Place it where you see it daily.
  • Change the Inner Speech - positive inner speech will always help advance a good outlook on any situation.
  • It's Your Life, So Use It - make productive use of your time and your life; you are the only person in total control over the outcome.
  • Make Something From Unemployment - even if you don't find a job tomorrow, any learning or other activity provides positive experiences while unemployed.
  • Look for Opening Doors - the saying of 'when one door closes another opens' is often true; you need to be looking for the open door to step through it.
  • Create Your Own Self Image - don't rely on others to define who you are while looking for employment. Don't allow yourself to be pegged into any specific job type which doesn't fit your goals.
  • Reward Yourself For Trying - when you achieve positive results from an effort, any effort, celebrate that result; even small items such as reaching a certain number of applications per day or getting job interviews deserves celebration.
  • Stay Close to People Who Believe - sticking close to people who believe in you and your value helps self esteem and confidence; these people will not bring you a lower level but will inspire you to reach higher levels for yourself.
  • Be Thankful for What You Have - during unemployment, look around at what you still have; be aware of what good each day has in life.

Celebrate Being Able and Capable

People are always amazed at what they can accomplish when real need exists. Using what you have to achieve what you need means using your capabilities and abilities. Here are some things to remember when you get frustrated by lack of movement from others.

  • It's up to you to take your life and use it.
  • Know what your capabilities and abilities really are.
  • Nobody owes you anything but yourself
  • You can make something of what you have and improve upon it; or you choose to let yourself down.

While you do not use all of your abilities when employed, using what you have when unemployed can prove beneficial because it allows you a range of resources and opportunities, both in yourself and the outside world.