The minimum wage barrier

For most people working minimum wage jobs, it's either all they've ever known or the only work they could find on short notice. Almost half of minimum wage workers are over 25 so there are a lot of people looking at getting out of minimum wage. The problem is that getting out of minimum wage takes lots of work and gives very little room to maneuver. You can not think of getting out of minimum wage while also wanting to get a new car and more DVD's.

Ways of Getting Out of Minimum Wage

  • Education - yes, the idea of getting more education has been beaten to death as a solution. This solution should be used if it is a viable one. Find a career you would like and get a degree in that.
  • Planning - having a set plan and strategy in place to move out of minimum wage does work. Even if it takes baby steps, moving yourself up at least per hour more will help. Then continue planning and moving.
  • Move - yes, another idea beaten to death. If you live in states with a very high cost of living, your minimum wage will always hold you back. Do some research to find where the cheaper states are and how to get there. Look at lining up work where the cost of living is better and get there.
  • Change Occupations - if there is a better income at an industry or occupation elsewhere, and you feel you can do it, change jobs and work in a different occupation.
  • Make a hobby into a new career - this actually does work for many people. If you do this part time at first, and then reinvest the money to keep growing, you will eventually be able to replace and then expand your income beyond the minimum wage.
  • Don't settle - if you leave a minimum wage job, don't settle for another one to take its place. Getting out of minimum wage means looking up not at the ground.
  • Belief and Knowledge - believing and knowing there are better jobs out there that YOU can have is half the battle. You must know, and believe, that you are worth more than minimum wage.

Getting yourself out of minimum wage isn't just dreaming, it's planning and goal setting. Getting yourself out of minimum wage isn't wanting better, it's about working and achieving something that gives you a better opportunity. Getting out of minimum wage is possible if you choose to believe it is possible. If you think simply having a job is the best you can achieve, then low wages and dead-end jobs are what you give yourself every time.