Updating your skills While unemployed

If you have been in a certain field of work for a long time, it is most likely your field of choice or you have grown accustomed to it. If you wish to continue in the same field, or pursue a similar field, of work you should consider updating your training and education to ensure re-entry into the field. Many ways exist in which updating your skills help provide future employment.

  • Gaining new qualifications - allowing you to be more flexible and useful
  • Staying current with required knowledge and skills - allowing you to make the most out of your years of experience
  • Creating new levels of employment - allowing you to possibly move into higher positions

Picking a Course of Action

When you have decided to update your training and education you will need to consider which direction you will take. Here are some ways your training and education can proceed:

  • Giving you practice and confidence with interviews and job searching
  • Allowing you to retrain or pick up new skills to re-enter your field
  • Preparing you to start a business of your own
  • Allowing you to change direction or enter a similar field
  • Allowing you to stay competitive with new entrants into the field

Getting the Training and Education

Once you have decided to update your skills and knowledge, the next phase is to find out how you will do this. Training and education can be gained in a number of ways:

  • Higher Education - obtaining a specialized certification qualifies you for better opportunities
  • Distance Learning - learning at your own pace and schedule allows you to update your knowledge at a rate right for you
  • Advance Vocational Training - many institutions conduct classes of skill advancement for people who are in need of brushing up in their field of work.

Where to Look

Now that you have both the why and the how, you need to know where to look for the training and education you require.

  • Unemployment Office or Job Center - these government offices provide many resources to enable your skill and training advancement options
  • Online Education - many higher institutions have branched out to the internet and may allow you to proceed at a pace which suits you
  • Local Libraries - these contain stores of information dealing with a wide range of subjects in many fields
  • College Career Offices - many times local colleges have career advancement courses or continuing education courses which can be suited to student needs

In today's economy keeping up with current skills and knowledge is essential. With the right training and education, updating your skills will not only be easier to achieve but will also enable you to re-enter your field in step with current conditions and requirements.