When unemployed make the Paycheck not the only reason to go to work

One of the reasons cited most often by people working low wage jobs for going to work each day is that it provides a paycheck. Many people will tell you that this is the only reason they go to work at all. There is no job satisfaction when you go to work just for the paycheck. So what do you do about this?

Making the Paycheck Only One Reason

People working minimum wage jobs often need to find their own variety of job satisfaction in order to make the job valuable to them. With most jobs in this range, the pay is not enough to be the only reason to work. If you find yourself coming to work each day simply because it provides money, the absence of other forms of job satisfaction will drive you out of the job due to lack of performance or voluntary departure. For people who do manage to stay in a job without satisfaction, there will be an eventual health issues arise such as the following:

  • Sick days and absence from work will increase.
  • Stress levels will increase.
  • Physical health issues such as higher blood pressure and increased irritability
  • Adverse coping techniques will begin to surface.

When you can find other ways to create even small amounts of job satisfaction you can create a more positive balance between work and daily living.

Finding Five More Reasons.

When it comes to finding a way to make the minimum wage job bearable, each person has their own unique answer to job satisfaction. Here are five possibilities:

  • The people you work with - many low wage jobs where people of similar nature to you can be found. Finding these people can help you not only cope with daily issues within the job, but also allow a feeling that the burden can be handled easier with others who understand.
  • The people you deal with routinely - many minimum wage jobs are in the service or retail workplace. Quite often there will be people whom you deal with on a regular basis. Many of these people, if you let them, can become a bright spot in the work day.
  • Daily changes in routine - while many minimum wage jobs seem set in mundane tasks there are many times when a job can constantly change surroundings, daily issues or even the people being dealt with.
  • Daily challenges - each day brings new tasks and challenges. There will be days when the challenges are frustrating and others when the challenges are something to joke about during or after the day.
  • Job security - while this may not seem like a positive aspect of the minimum wage job, seeing that the workplace is still operating when you get there does give an internal peace of mind since you know you won't face the stress of being suddenly unemployed.

Making the paycheck the only reason to go to work will tend to make the day meaningless; and eventually it will take this feeling into your general life as well. There are probably other reasons which can be used to find at least a small piece of satisfaction in the job. If you can find one or two reasons each day, then there is great possibility that you will survive the day once again.