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Resumes and CVs are tools used to introduce job seekers to potential employers. A resume is a relatively short listing of a candidate’s qualifications, employment history and achievements. Resume basics tend to dictate that this marketing tool favor brevity, although resume styles can vary. CVs, on the other hands, call for more details about a candidate. CV styles can also vary, but most include work history, achievements, skills and the life history of a candidate. Improving your resume or CV can be an important step toward landing a position. It is helpful to review sample resumes and CVs to get ideas for appearance, content and formatting.

CV Basics ( 49 )

Beginning is the Hardest Part: Tips for Starting a Cover Letter

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CV and Resume Styles ( 33 )

Site Review

As of June 2008 this site seems very new. Parts of Resume Tube appear to be unfinished or have mostly examples for viewing. There are a few Video CV's at ... view more


Improving Your Resume/CV ( 34 )

Don't Be a Hardhead: Soft Skills Count, Even in High-Tech Jobs

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Resume Basics ( 59 )

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Sample CVs ( 63 )

Sample Business Analyst Resume

The business analyst resume is often a particularly complex document. The business analyst resume requires strong definitions of achievements, the nature of your work, and defining your areas of expertise. ... view more


Sample Resumes ( 279 )

Sample Loan Processor Resume

A loan processor resume should accentuate professional skills that are essential to lenders. A loan processor works as commercial loan processor or mortgage loan processor for banks, real estate ... view more