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Resumes and CVs are tools used to introduce job seekers to potential employers. A resume is a relatively short listing of a candidate’s qualifications, employment history and achievements. Resume basics tend to dictate that this marketing tool favor brevity, although resume styles can vary. CVs, on the other hands, call for more details about a candidate. CV styles can also vary, but most include work history, achievements, skills and the life history of a candidate. Improving your resume or CV can be an important step toward landing a position. It is helpful to review sample resumes and CVs to get ideas for appearance, content and formatting.

CV Basics ( 48 )

CV Reference List Tips

CV references are usually straightforward. They're people who can give first hand information relevant to your job applications and testify to your skills, character and experience. Choosing references, however, ... view more


CV and Resume Styles ( 33 )

Video CV Site Reviews

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Improving Your Resume/CV ( 30 )

Pilot Resume: Tips for Success

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Resume Basics ( 57 )

Student Part-Time Job: How to Write a Resume

Some youngsters are apprehensive when they think of student part-time job search.  Naturally, you will be nervous about approaching a casual acquaintance or a perfect stranger and asking him ... view more


Sample CVs ( 63 )

Sample Business Analyst Resume

The business analyst resume is often a particularly complex document. The business analyst resume requires strong definitions of achievements, the nature of your work, and defining your areas of expertise. ... view more


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Sample Loan Processor Resume

A loan processor resume should accentuate professional skills that are essential to lenders. A loan processor works as commercial loan processor or mortgage loan processor for banks, real estate ... view more