8 Tips for Writing a Resume for a Teacher Position

By My Perfect Resume


Celebrated annually on October 5, World Teachers' Day is an important reminder of the value that educators bring to all of our lives. Teachers ignite the imagination, open young minds, and ultimately, shape the world by shaping the people who live in it.

If you've committed to working in this field - one dedicated to helping others - and you're currently on the lookout for a new role, we're here to help you by offering up handy advice on how to craft the most vital of all job search tools: the resume.

When it comes to constructing this key document, it's best not to assume that a one-size-fits-all approach will work for you - the more you tailor it to your industry, the higher your chances of landing an interview. With this in mind, we've outlined eight tips specifically geared towards assisting you with writing a targeted resume for a teacher position.


Start with the basics

While your resume should be customized to each role you're applying for, there are a number of fundamental sections that need to be included, regardless of the job you're eyeing: the header (with your name and contact details), the summary statement, key skills, work experience, and education. To make sure you get the basics right, consider using a reputable online resume builder that offers step-by-step guidance on each component.


Craft a summary that's both informative and emotive

The summary statement at the top of your resume is a good place to highlight your passion for teaching - something hiring managers will undoubtedly consider a key requirement for a job in education. In this section, you want to clearly communicate that your students come first, so make sure you focus more on what you could do for learners than on what the role could do for you. You should also take this opportunity to clarify the subjects and student populations you specialize in. Are you, for example, a middle school science teacher, a high school drama teacher, or a tutor who concentrates on at-risk youth? Whatever your area of expertise, clearly state it here.


Give pride of place to your academic credentials

Hiring managers will want to see evidence that you, as a teacher, place value on education (plus, they'll want to know right off the bat that you're actually qualified to do the job). So, put the spotlight on your academic qualifications by moving your education section higher up in your resume. You might even want to include a sub-section that highlights your commitment to ongoing professional development and details relevant licenses and certifications you've recently earned. Just remember to double-check what your certifications are officially called in the city where you're seeking a job, as this tends to differ among states.


Highlight your soft skills

Across all professions, employers are placing more and more value on soft skills, and this class of attributes is considered especially critical in the field of teaching. To be effective, an educator MUST also be organized, efficient, a good communicator, a natural leader, a team player, and a creative problem-solver. So, when you compile the skills section of your resume for a teacher position, don't only give weight to your technical proficiencies; call attention to your less tangible interpersonal skills, too - you could even give them their own sub-section to make them easier to find.


Include a tech/software skills section

Teaching in 2018 requires that you're familiar with technology and the wide range of educational software programs out there that can be used to streamline processes and improve learning outcomes. Show that you're committed to staying on top of the latest trends in education by including a skills sub-section that lists relevant apps, online tools, and research programs that you're proficient in.


Focus on measurable accomplishments

In your work experience section, rather than outlining your responsibilities in former roles, shed light on your achievements, and use numbers where possible to give hiring managers a concrete idea of your abilities. Did you, for example, increase average test scores by a certain percentage over the past year, or develop a unique teaching method that was adopted across the school? Say so. If your previous work environment made it difficult to rack up demonstrable successes, you can still use figures to capture the value you brought to the table - mention the number of students you taught and the size of the facility you worked at, for instance.


Recent graduate? Leverage your in-training experience

If you're an entry-level teacher just breaking into the job market, you're probably worried that you have nothing formal to list in your work history section. But truth is, you will have gained field experience through internships and practicums during your studies, and you can, and absolutely should, include these like you would paid jobs. List all schools where you did practical classroom training, and include bullet points outlining your duties and achievements (quantified where possible) under each.


Use industry-specific keywords

These days, most employers use applicant tracking systems to screen and sort applications based on relevant keywords before they're even looked at by a human recruiter. To get your resume for a teacher position passed this initial check, it's critical that you pepper it with the education-specific search terms that hiring managers will be looking for. Examine the job ad carefully and mimic the language used here (if applicable to you, of course), while also giving careful thought to the kind of phrases that are commonly used in your field. For instance, you'll want to clearly state if you have experience in 'lesson planning', 'curriculum design', 'classroom management', and/or 'peer mentoring' - all important keywords in the teaching world.

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