Actor Sample Resume

Frank Savage
23 Moss Street Toronto Canada
  Managing Agent Hope Joye, Hope Joye Agency, 245 Good Street Kensing London
Phone 012 3479 2309
  Skills(see portfolio) Drama
TV roles
Advertising roles
  Objectives To enhance and widen my experience to the level of major film TV and internet roles as a dramatic and comedy actor.
To improve my standards of performance and work in all aspects.
  Work History Ibsen and Brecht Productions' TV series Half a Loaf
Character: Charlie White, second lead male role
(Current role, September 2006 to present.)

This is a dramatic role in which my character is a protagonist of the lead character, Andy Black. This is a complex role including multiple plot lines, locations, and several solo scenes in each performance.

Performances are highly emotive, with many action scenes including fights and some romantic scenes. (See portfolio file, attached, with various clips from performances)

  Grinn and Bearit Artists TV series Finnegan's Rake
Character: Fred Finnegan, brother of lead male character. Series ran from June 2005 to December 2005

Finnegan's Rake was a comedy series about an Irish gardener and his many misadventures in an English landscaping business. My character was a foil to Finnegan, a level-headed, if bewildered, accomplice in some of his schemes. (Portfolio file attached.)

  TV commercial Rover's Dog Food
Agency Hound Dog Promotions
Suite 124/227 Tudor Street South London S3

Series of commercials for international commercial. My role was as an enthusiastic dog owner buying the product.(See portfolio)

  Drake and Walsingham Tudor Theatre, London production of Macbeth. Character: MacDuff. Season April 2004 to September 2004
(Amateur role, pre graduation)

Drake and Walsingham are Shakespearian theatrical specialists, and it was a great honour to be chosen for this classic role, which was given to me after auditions in February 2004. (Reviews attached in separate portfolio file.)

  Education/Training: State School of Dramatic Acting Bachelor?s Degree 2004
Dance Academy of Boston: Diploma
Languages: English, French, Russian
  Note: Because of my numerous minor roles, I have included only major roles in my resume. I've included three TV selections from my portfolio with descriptions, including several other TV commercials, and a minor, single episode, credited role in Supreme Inc's Wild Angel. Samples of my performances are representative of my range.   References: Paul Drake, Drake and Walsingham Tudor Theatre, London
Phone: 0142 6474 3936
  David Grinn, Grinn and Bearit Artists Twickenham
Phone 9786 2344