Aerobics Instructor Sample Resume

Matt Roll
57 Airways Street Shacktown Missouri
1232 5095
  Skills: Step training
Reflexive aerobics
Breathing training
Roadwork training
Games training
Basic gym training on primary exercise equipment
First aid
Customer service
  Objectives: Management of a fitness/training clinic with a complete health program.
Provision and support of clients to achieve optimum fitness and health.
  Work History: Fitness coach, John's Jungle Gym, Shacktown, Missouri
12/1/2004 to present.
My role:
Coaching in physical fitness including low weights, basic equipment based training, exercise routines and aerobic training. (This exercise regime is geared to people of average health taking up basic regular exercise, and is broad based.)
  Assistant Trainer, Mack's Muscle Maker Shacktown, Missouri
1/5/2004 to 11/30/2004
Assisted weights training instructors with basic weights training demonstrations, maintenance of equipment, administrative duties, stock control.
  Education/Training: Diploma of Physical Education, Jock College, Missouri 2005
First Aid Certificate, Red Cross, 2006
  References: John Lawson, Manager, John's Jungle Gym
Phone 4539 3333
  Mack Messer
Phone4529 3939