Applying for job when you do not have the right age (too young) - CV.

There are many young people who are appearing for jobs worldwide and the age is decreasing every day. This is because the children today need and love the financial independence that a job can give them. It is not necessarily that you are at a disadvantage when you are young and apply for a job. Highlight for the benefit of the employer, what value addition you can give the company and particularly the job:

  • Willing to work harder: Young people are associated with willingness to work, enthusiasm and long hours. Ensure that your CV says this clearly. Assure the employer in the CV summary that you are a hard-worker who is willing to put in long hours to prove your worth in the job.
  • Willing to work for less remuneration: While mentioning your fit in the cover letter, you may like to mention that you would be willing to accept less remuneration for the honor to start your career in a leading company such as so-and-so (name of the company).Many employers love the saving offer, and they will try you out.
  • Willing to work as an apprentice: Even if you have the right qualifications you will need good relevant experience to really be useful in an organization. Assure your would-be employer that you would love to take up the job of an apprentice until you pick up the tricks of the trade and prove you are really valuable to the company. An employer would be tempted to at least check you out if your offer is good enough.
  • Present your skills and talents effectively: The young people who master the art of proper presentation of a CV will definitely be selected more often than those who do not know how to present. The skills and talents need to be highlighted both in context of achievement as well as job fit. Hence, the presentation should be brief, to the point (preferably in bullet points) and totally highlight your the professional and personal achievements.
  • You can have a brief paragraph at the top of the CV stating why you think you are fit for the job, and how the company would benefit from hiring you. It should not exceed four lines.
  • Market your youth as the most desirable product you have - the prospective employer will always look for the best ways in which the company will benefit. Explain in the profile or cover letter how being young is actually an important plus point since the young can learn well and fast, cost the company less, and work longer hours.
  • Be confident: Remember that you are competing against people who have higher qualifications and/or more experience. In order to show yourself as a confident and self-assured person, you need to have a highly concise professionally drawn-up CV. The CV should highlight first the skills, then the qualifications and then the benefits to the company if they offer you a job.