Basics of a good CV.

The function of a CV is to present relevant information about you to the prospective employer. Though the definition sounds simple, there are a lot of angles to the presentation of a CV, curriculum vitae as it is commonly known, which mostly depend on what type of job you are applying for. However, whatever the type of the CV, the basics remain constant.

A good CV should :

  • Be accompanied by a cover letter which is addressed by name or authority to the person who is in charge of recruiting or the chief of the organization (be careful here that you have right name, it is spelled right, and has the right designation; the cover letter should summarize in two to five lines why you think you would be fit for the job, showcasing your best talents to match the requirements of the job (and add a little extra)
  • Represent accurately all the relevant info to the job information (personal and professional)
  • Be crisp (make sure you do not have any long winding sentences while describing experience and other qualities)