Better Resume by Temping

Are you between jobs? Have you taken a sabbatical from fulltime employment? Why not use the time to build your resume?

Employers value in a wide range of professional experience in prospective employees. Experience certificates speak very loudly ' the more the better. However, most of aren't lucky enough to get wide market exposure in out fulltime jobs. Often, it's just doing the same thing over and over again till one makes a change.

The Temping Option

If you want to build your resume, you could try your hand some temporary jobs. 'Temping' is one of the best ways to discover latent talents in yourself and it keeps the cash flow steady. In fact, many fulltime employees choose to 'temp' in their spare time because they find the change refreshing and invigorating. 'Temping' also opens you up to many different work cultures and gives you a fresh perspective of the job market.

Get rid of the misguided notion that 'temping' is for slackers and lazy unemployables. For you, it can be the road to an enhanced career. It can provide you with a decisive edge as far as experience, exposure and knowledge of the marked are concerned.

Finding Resume-Boosting Temp Work

If you do decide to build your resume by taking on a few temping assignments, you might benefit from using your own contacts. There are many temping agencies around, and they offer various opportunities. However, the ones in your locality may not have the kind of jobs that would look good on your resume.

Don't underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. You can start your search for resume-building temp jobs by networking with previous colleagues, family members and friends. Chances are fairly good that something suitable will turn up, either through them or their own contacts.

If you have no contacts of your own, surf the many temping job sites available on the internet till you find what suits you best. Additionally, scan the paper's classifieds regularly.

Going Solo

You can do temp work from home, too. Almost any temping agency will have offers for you as long as you have the basic computer skills. These are:

  • Conversancy with Microsoft Word
  • Reasonable typing skills
  • More-than-average internet skills
  • Reasonable diction (vocabulary)

While computer-based temping jobs are not the only kind available, they certainly pay the best. Other possibilities like writing short stories or data entry may also pay, but they certainly do not help to build your resume. Temping jobs that involve no specific skills are also out.

Most employers respect any evidence of social awareness and concern in a candidate. In other words, if you have a good opportunity to temp for a charitable organization, do it. It will look great on your resume.

What Situations Warrant Temping?

Yes, temping is an ideal way to build your resume. The idea is to use time between jobs for temping so that an opportunity to grow is not lost. It will ensure that you stay financially solvent, too. Temping makes the most sense if:

  • You have been laid off from your job for lack of experience.
  • You have decided that your present job has no potential for growth and have quit.
  • You have sufficient time, willingness and energy left over after hours on your present job to make extra money and gain extra experience.

In any of these situations, temping is the best possible way to build your resume and 'market value' on the job market.