Biomedical Researcher Sample Resume

Fred Davis
34 Cathcart Street
Nomansville, VA
Home: 212-575-1212

To obtain a senior management role in biomedical research and ultimately own and operate my own biomedical research facility.

  • Chemical analysis
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Molecular modeling
  • Biological cultures testing
  • Toxin analysis
  • Secure lab environment research
  • Advanced laboratory techniques
  • Technical writing and reports
  • Scientific paper writing
  • Laboratory management
  • IT management in a laboratory environment
Work Experience
Senior Researcher: Jan. 2007 - Present, Strong Laboratories, Richmond, VA
Strong Laboratories is a broad spectrum research and testing facility serving commercial, government, and non-government projects in the fields of biological and chemical agents used in therapies. The lab is involved in both pure research and advanced clinical testing of research hypotheses and new products. In many cases our work involves toxicity testing and confirmation of compliance with safety requirements.

This is very much a participatory role in the actual research conducted by the lab. My duties include oversight of research techniques and in some cases development of new equipment to conduct tests and technical advice regarding methodologies. Strong Labs recently developed the AB 3D Spectroscopic Virtual Virus analysis software and scanning techniques used in viral modeling, in which I was heavily involved.

  • Management of Therapeutic Products Testing section.
  • Supervision of 10 researchers and 5 research assistants.
  • Production of final test results for a wide range of therapeutic products including painkillers and anti-inflammatory commercial materials.
  • Publication of scientific and industry papers.
  • Oversight of technical information in press releases.
  • Consultant to industry and government clients.
  • (See attached Appendix A for full position description)  
Research Engineer: June 2004 - Dec. 2006, White Biomedical Industries
White Biomedical is a lab primarily concerned with advanced pathology and pure research into diseases. My work consisted of operation and maintenance of the lab resources used to conduct research and maintaining high levels of sterility in the lab environment and equipment.

  • Biological culture testing.
  • Pathogen analysis.
  • Viral genetic sequencing.
  • Secure lab research.
  • Environmental sterility systems.
  • (See attached Appendix A for full position description).
Masters Degree in Chemistry (Hons)
Nominalburg College 2006
MD, Nominalburg Medical College 2004
Bachelor of Science Nominalburg College 2002
Additional Qualifications
  • See attached Appendix B for technical qualifications and required statutory certifications and licenses in the various materials, systems and software applications.
  • Scientific papers and publications: See attached Appendix C for relevant materials.
  • References available upon request.