Video CV Review

The CareerBuilder site is fairly straightforward. If you go through the links across the top of each page, it is simple to navigate throughout the site. You will need to either sign in or sign up to use much of the functions and search tools

How Easy Is to Use?

The video section is under the 'Post Resumes' tab midway across the top of the page, and is clearly marked once you mouse over the tab. Uploading your video requires you to sign in or join first. Then it is three simple pages where you give your video a title, then upload, then proof and finish. For any questions, there is a group of links on the first page of the upload for 'Dos and Don'ts, Upload Instructions, Styles, and a checklist.

Can I Get a Job Using

While your chances of expanding your search are increased by using the tools available on, the site itself seems more forcareer change or those who are in between jobs or looking to find a better position. Posting a Video CV here could not hurt, but the site is not geared to focus on these.

How Flexible is

CareerBuilder is mainly an enclosed site. This means that when you post a video to this site, there isn't an active way to link it to any networks or other sites. Mainly the video would be for employers who browse through CareerBuilder to find you easier. You are able to upload multiple resumes and cover letters under one profile. The site recommends only one video upload though.

What About Fees or Limitations?

There are no fees to upload your Video CV or Resume to CareerBuilder.

What About Privacy and Use of My Profile?

You will never need to provide data to search for jobs here. You will also never have to provide personal data on any applications or resumes. CareerBuilder actually advises against such actions. They do have Privacy, Terms, and Fraud section listed at the bottom of the webpage. The Privacy and Terms both state that information is not sold or rented. There is also the option to make your profile and/or resume private or public.

What are the Disadvantages to

One of the disadvantages to this site is that they allow only one Video CV of up to 50MG to be posted. Another disadvantage, being site-wide and not just for videos is the National ads andWork At Home ads thrown at you with a consistent pace. When you are navigating through the site you need to pay attention to the full page ads that come up before you reach the page you want; this is especially true of your profile page.

Final Words

For job seekers, this site is a very near equivalent to the local unemployment office. Just about every type of job that can be put in a newspaper is here. With the site being free, and the ability to narrow the search results to specific fields and zip codes, you gain more positive results. The focus on CareerBuilder is basically any job seeker out there. Jobs for anything fromwaitstaff andcook to certifiedaccountant and field engineer can be found here. This site is geared towards the widest range of applicants it can possibly reach.

The information in this review is current as of June 2008.