Clerical Resume

A properly written resume can help you get the right job. Your resume should create interest in the reader. Your resume should make prospective employers eager to meet you Instead of making your resume a long and boring account of your job history, paint the right picture of you as a person who can be trusted and who can contribute in different ways to the growth of the company. The resume must entice prospective employers to pick the phone and call the candidate for an interview.

Be sure where you can fit in though, before you start writing a resume. Adopt a simple, but effective style. To make your resume stand out and be counted, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Pen Down Your Thoughts: Before you start writing your resume, jot down your thoughts, specific job needs and your job skills. A clerical job would require that you are good at typing, computer and communication skills (Soft Skills) in order to effectively carry out day-to-day office administration. A clerical job would also involve scanning, faxing and filing documents.

Now that you know, what the job requires and your specific job skills it has to be written down in a proper format to catch the employer's attention.

Contact Details: Your name, phone number and permanent address must be written right on top. Don't forget to mention your email ID too.(Personal Information)

  • 1. Mention your full name
  • 2. Permanent address
  • 3. Contact telephone number
  • 4. Your email ID.

Education: Starting from your latest qualification, state your degrees, certificates and added qualifications clearly. (Education)

  • 1. List all your degrees
  • 2. Mention the date and year of graduation clearly
  • 3. Mention all additional certificates
  • 4. Mention special courses and skills

Highlight Special Skills: Don't forget to highlight any special skills that you have learnt. It may be a computer program or a new language. Specials skills come in handy. For example, an office with clients and customers in Europe may need people who are good in one or two European languages. A computer software program you are familiar with may add value to your resume. Specify these.

Objective: Although a clerical job deals with specific day-to-day office administration, you must make your objective very clear. Tell the employer why you think you fit into the company and how you can contribute to the company and gain from the experience as well. This will give the employer an idea of your personal profile. In order to understand more about how to write your personal profile.

Job Experience: Start with your most recent job details. Give details regarding your previous employer, his name and location. State all your previous job responsibilities. Don't forget to highlight the role you played in the company. Get down to specific details and elaborate how a particular duty you performed added value to the company. Write in terms of volume of sales, growth and other achievements.

Other Interests and Hobbies: In order to give the right picture of what you are all about, specify your other interests. Highlight the role you played in various club activities, campus functions or community activities. Use interesting and catchy verbs. Some catchy verbs you could use are:

Action VerbsOrganize plan involve initiate conduct carry out achieve deliver assist delegate act perform prepare expedite train test demonstrate show conduct participate supervise manage reorganize restructure schedule draft support maintain teach present

Most Important Tips:

In order to get a good clerical job, you must keep these points in mind:

  • Highlight your greatest skills first. Prioritize and list your marketing, coordinating and customer service skills first. Then move on to other skills like typing, answering phones, photocopying and so on.
  • Impress with details and numbers. Write in terms of how many customers you handled, the volume of transactions. Highlight statistics like the number of employees, sales persons and customers that came under your purview. The amount of cash involved in cash transactions and disbursements.
  • Highlight any special job duties that you performed other than your normal clerical duties. This may increase your career prospects as you can add value to the company and its growth. Click on for more details.

Note: Download our [DOC] clerk sample resume and develop your own clerical resume to get the job you are looking for.

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