Combination CV

The combination CV format is normally used by job hunters who have a solid background associated with their career objectives . You will include sections that highlight your education and experience, followed by the job history.Use the combination CV when you have a definite career path and a targeted job area that is related to your job history and experience. This type of CV combines the best of the functional and the chronological CV styles. You can also use it when each position or job had unique responsibilities and when a shorter type of CV would not suffice. List responsibilities, and or accomplishments and skills developed after each job experience or training listing. Stay focused; use less rather than more words. Begin each sentence or idea with a verb, for instance, Awarded, Assisted etc.

Advantages of the combination CV

  • Combines the best of the chronological and functional CV writing styles.
  • Emphasizes your achievements and strengths, as well as experience.
  • Starts with a profile and followed by job history, which is ideal for getting the attention of the employer.
  • Focuses on important skills which are supported by the job history.
  • Accomplishments are noticed.

Disadvantage of combination CV:

  • It is lengthy.
  • If you fail to get attention through the profile, the recruiter may not even read the job history section.

Don't use the combination CV when:

  • Your work experience is limited.
  • You have several or unexplained employment gaps.
  • You changed jobs frequently.