Customer Service Skills to Highlight on Your Resume

When applying for a job in customer service, it's probably a good idea to highlight customer skills on your resume for the best results. Hiring managers are looking for specific qualities in job candidates for customer service roles, so you want to capture their attention by bringing these skills to the forefront on your resume. Here are some tips for including the right skills on your resume and getting an interview which can lead to a great new job in customer service.

List Relevant Skills for Customer Service Positions

When you are preparing your resume for the purposes of applying for customer service jobs, the keys to success are being able to convey in words the skills that you possess that make you an effective customer service representative. Be sure to include on your resume that you have the following skills:

  • Excellent reflective listening skills, which means you actively listen to customers and then clarify what they need so that you can best address their concerns.
  • Include patience as a character trait, explaining that you are not easily flustered by difficult or angry customers.
  • Highlight strong sales skills
  • Computer literate

Highlight Career Achievements

Use positive action verbs in your descriptions so that your entire resume has a nice flow to it. Remember to emphasize the positive in all of your previous jobs. You may want to mention that you assisted customers with their difficult concerns or that you were recognized by your department for having superior customer service skills. If you lack a great deal of previous work experience, try to think of ways you have demonstrated excellent customer service skills in other areas of your career or life. Provide examples of personal, volunteer or community work that demonstrate your interpersonal skills and desire to go above and beyond.

Be Personable yet Professional

As you craft your resume for a customer service job, you will want to keep in mind that the hiring manager will be looking for ways in which you will be able to relate to their customers. Having a personable yet professional tone will be your best approach. When writing the descriptions of your past employers, place emphasis on the main aspects of each job that convey you have a sincere desire to help people. Use this same tone when writing your cover letters. A good customer service manager will be able to sense from your tone that you have the qualities to excel in a career in customer service just from the way you present yourself on paper and later during the interview process.