CV Documents

Documents and materials needed to write a CV:

  • Job descriptions for all positions held
  • Performance reviews
  • Educational transcripts and records of seminars/conferences attended since high school.
  • References

The above documents are best collected throughout your career and saved as these will make writing your CV much easier in the future.

It can be difficult to remember all the responsibilities you had on previous jobs but a detailed CV is essential for a successful job hunt. The human resource department or your direct supervisor can provide you with your current job description and you can contact previous employers in order to get previous job descriptions.

Performance reviews are what your employers think of your attitude and productivity at work. These are generally used to identify training needs and salary reviews. Potential employers will be interested in these documents. The way you performed in your previous jobs is a good indication of what your future employers can expect of you and this information will therefore be used to judge your suitability for the position.

Keep your qualifications in a safe place. If you lose any, schools and universities can provide you with copies. Letters of reference are given to employees when they leave a job (if they have done a good job!). It is always a good idea to include copies of these letters in your job application.