CV Example Templates

Here is a list of several examples of CV templates in Microsoft Word Format available for download:

Example CV 1 Clean and Simple
Example CV 2 Example CV with a border around the page
Example CV 3 Education, Reference and experience section only
Example CV 4 Page Border
Example CV 5 Professional, Functional CV Sample
Example CV 6 Functional CV focus on qualifications and skills
Example CV 7 CV template with detailed sections
Example CV 8 CV with example info. and instructions
Example CV 9 CV template with suggestions and tips embedded
Example CV 10 CV template with shading in headings
Example CV 11 CV Example with detailed instructions and tips embedded
Example CV 12 Nice page border
Example CV 13 Professional Academic CV
Example CV 14 Clean shaded titles with emphasis on skills CV
Example CV 15 Small font CV
Example CV 16 Professional CV
Example CV 17 Right Aligned CV
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These example CVs are to be used as a base from which to start. 
We encourage you to read the following materials (and more) from our CV Basics area: