CV Personal Profiles

If you are applying for various jobs that are all in the same industry, you could write a profile that applies to all jobs in that particular industry. However it is preferable if you write your personal profile for each individual position.

If the profile is tailor-made to the job vacancy then the employer will read the rest of the CV whilst bearing in mind that you are a possible match. A personal profile on your CV is a teaser or hook so the employer will investigate further by reading the rest of your CV.

Keywords are a powerful tool in your CV and should be used! Use keywords to summarize your experience. Keywords will also help ensure that your CV comes up when employers search in their CV databases.

Things You Should Avoid Your Personal Profile:

  • Over use keywords.
  • Do not use cliches.
  • Do not use more than one keyword in a sentence.
  • Too many adjectives with not enough information to back them are useless.
  • Ensure that your profile matches your recruiter's needs and the position you are applying for.
  • Ask a friend to proof read your CV.
  • List a set of particular skills you want to highlight in you profile.
  • Profiles should be short and concise.
If you cannot come up with a good profile because your skills, experiences and achievements do not match the vacancy, than you should consider whether or not you should apply for such a position. Maybe you have identified what you still need to study or which qualifications you need to get in order to be eligible for positions you would like to apply for.

Remember to be consistent in your personal profile and the rest of your CV