CV styles

Each CV style is suitable for different situations. Follow the links below to learn more about each CV style.

CV Writing Considerations

More important than your CV format is the actual content of your CV and how it is presented. You only have a limited time to show your skills and capture the reader's attention. Make sure the most important information is in the top third of the CV document. Your skills summary, objective or personal profile will achieve this objective.

A CV must have focus. When a recruiter reads your CV he/she should understand your career path. Always keep your objective in mind while writing your CV.

Avoid lengthy and boring job descriptions; whenever possible, write your job description in bullet point form. Make sure potential employers will understand how they will benefit from employing you. The employers need to see your achievements and understand how you are able to implement these achievements in your company.

Examples of accomplishments would be: save money, increase turn over or profits, improved productivity, better customer quality. Include actual figures when available.