CV to US Resume

Part I

The main difference between a CV and a Resume is brevity. If you are applying for jobs in the US, recruiters will scan your CV for less than thirty seconds. US recruiters do not like lengthy job descriptions and personal profiles. If you have a 10 page CV you need to rewrite it.

In the US, more than in other countries, time is money and recruiters do not have the time to spend 11 minutes reading your life history. Your resume should be a teaser, the hook, to pass on the essential information. Do not go into lengthy descriptions of how you saved your previous employer from bankruptcy. Just say "Implemented x In order to achieve y".

So how do you go about turning your CV into a Resume? More than before, you should have the list of tasks associated with a job. Read this article Achievements in your CV on how to focus on or better write about your achievements.

Part II of CV to Resume